Expand your business horizons
by participating in business tours
to the world's top countries
Exclusive business tours to Japan, South Korea, USA, Vietnam and other countries of the world
Who we

Our portfolio includes successfully organized trips to Japan, South Korea, USA with visits to such companies as Toyota, Google, PayPal, Hitachi, Nissan, Omron, Uniqlo, Softbank, Hyundai Motors, Posco and others.
About us
We are engaged in organizing business trips to the most developed countries of the world
Open access to global organizations to enable our business community to use global tools to expand and scale their own businesses
Create quality networking for local entrepreneurs
Provide inspiration to business owners for a new push
Our services
Organization of a business tour
anywhere in the world on a turnkey basis

B2B meetings, presentations and negotiations
with business partners
Meeting and escorting foreign delegations

Organization of visits
in companies at your individual request
The business tour will be useful
for you if you
  • Business owner
  • Head of department or top manager of the company
  • Representative of an international organization

What's the purpose

a business tour?

Attracting investment
Meetings with top managers
Secrets of market leadership
The practice of running a successful business
The intricacies of attracting customers
Exploring innovation
Attracting new technologies
Modernization of business processes
Formation of a successful corporate culture and motivation of personnel
Why a business tour specifically with BTCA?
01 —
We have many years of experience in conducting top-level business tours to countries such as Japan, USA and South Korea
02 —
We have real feedback from our customers
04 —
Our program covers different areas of business, which means that each participant will acquire information and knowledge that they can apply in their own business
05 —
When preparing the business program, we take into account the sphere of activity of the majority of group participants and select appropriate companies for the visit
03 —
We have a clear program and representatives in the countries of visit who stay with the participants throughout the trip
Business tours are profitable
  • 1
    Investments made in a business tour pay off immediately
    Our participants get an opportunity to find business partners and expand their business. We already have successful cases, when thanks to the business tour business expanded and opened in other countries.
  • 2
    Obtaining a business visa to the top countries of the world
    Thanks to a well-prepared business tour program, there have been almost no visa refusals during our work. As we have official and major partners in the countries of visit, the consulate usually has no reason for doubt.
  • 3
    Personal transformation
    After a business tour, you will come back a completely different person with lots of ideas and insights. This applies to all areas of life. If you have never dared to learn English or another foreign language, a trip to another country can be the starting point on the way to a new goal!
You can't open up new lands without agreeing to lose sight of the old shores
Our clients
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Zarlyk Imankulov
General Director of AZIAR Fashion
Bakay Tashiyev
Founder of Toi Art
Ulukbek Rustamov
General Director of Click Uzbekistan
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